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NightBalance wins the NGI Venture Challenge Fall 2010

Intelligent sensor for healthy sleeping grasps €25,000 prize money

The Hague, 9 December 2010
Start-up company NightBalance is the winner of the Venture Challenge Fall 2010, as announced during the Dutch Life Sciences & Health conference in Amsterdam on 8 December 2010. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) has severe health consequences. Snoring is a light form of this breathing disorder. Positional Therapy is found to be a highly effective method in nearly 60% of the cases. As current means of Positional Therapy have low compliance, doctors are requesting better ones. NightBalance has developed an intelligent sensor system to help patients to sleep in healthy positions comfortably.

The system measures several parameters and based on those, it stimulates patients to sleep in healthy positions. The concept shows high effectiveness and compliance in empirical research and - based on prior research - doctors expect positive results from clinical research.

Key reasons for the jury to select NightBalance as a winner of the NGI Venture Challenge Fall 2010 are that NightBalance offers a clear, simple and elegant solution to a clear medical need, the market opportunity is very well thought–out, and the team shows the right entrepreneurial spirit.

About the Venture Challenge
The NGI Venture Challenge is one of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative’s activities aimed at stimulating and supporting Life Sciences researchers in translating their inventions into viable business ideas. The Venture Challenge is a ‘must-do’ opportunity for all aspiring Life Sciences entrepreneurs. It offers access to coaching and advice on various elements of setting up a business, thereby paving the way for their future success.

About NightBalance
Sleep apnea (OSA) is characterized by periods of cessation and reduction of airflow during sleep with oxygen desaturation. Clinical symptoms are snoring, unquiet sleep, daytime fatigue and diminished intellectual ability. OSA has severe health consequences including burnouts, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as an increased chance of a heart attack. Of apnea patients, 56% has positional OSA, for whom positional therapy can be very effective. Because current means for positional therapy have low compliance however, requests for better ones are made. NightBalance, a start-up company of Yes!Delft, the Incubator of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands is developing a solution to solve this problem in form of an intelligent sensor system.


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