What to expect

“Don’t miss the opportunity to participate! The ability of the facilitators to engage in each team’s situation and therefore give incisive feedback was remarkable!”

“With this Challenge you will get a head-start in setting up your business!”

“If you’re a scientist with no commercial experience, the workshops are essential to gain insight in the
actual value of your research results and how you could exploit them”

"Keep open mind … your venture plan will be different from what you think at the beginning"

Participants share their experiences

"Good environment, lot of pleasure, nice coaches, challenging, to get the ideas structured"

"This workshop is a must for every aspiring entrepreneur in the life sciences"

"Creating awareness that there is much more than science to do business"

"I absolutely recommend any life scientist with affinity to business and a concrete idea/technology
to apply for the workshops"

"Make sure to attend both workshops - it’s absolutely worth it"

"Great experience to go in a focused and condensed way from an initial idea to a venture plan"